Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

With Answers!

Our Most Frequently Asked Questions – with answers!

New prospective customers are the most essential ingredient for the success of any company, and it’s never truer than for those businesses involved in direct sales, whether it’s B2B or B2C.

With the internet becoming the single biggest medium for consumers to locate product & services that interest them, no company can afford to ignore the potential for ‘web generated’ sales leads.

We don’t cold call or use any other method of acquiring prospective buyers other than via ‘organic’ listings for our websites on major search engines.

All our leads are created by consumers who visit our websites of their own volition and have an expressed interest in the service or product on offer; this is the foundation that allows us to provide high quality, ‘real-time’ sales leads to our clients.

What type of leads do you provide?

Currently we work with double glazed windows & doors, conservatories (including orangeries & garden rooms) together with solar panels. However, we will be moving into kitchens & bathrooms soon.

Is there a 'tie-in period' or minimum amount of leads I have to buy?

No. The amount of leads you buy is up to you. Stopping & starting is easy, just let us know if you want to take a rest!

How do you generate your leads?

Consumers visit our websites & register their interest, we then speak to them to confirm the details and then pass the leads onto installers.

Can we return unwanted leads?

Yes. we have a very simple & fair lead return policy.

How do I apply to buy leads from you?

It’s very easy: register your interest by using our contact form here.

How quickly do I get the leads sent to me?

The leads are sent virtually in real time. That means as soon as we have spoken to the person & confirmed their details it is sent straight to you.

Do you buy leads from other sources?

At this time we do not, and we do not foresee circumstances under which we will use external lead sources for our clients.

I want to get into lead generation, but I don't have a website - can you help?

If you are serious about getting into this type of marketing, we could build you a website and help you with starting up. drop us a line here: admin (or info) @leads2u.org.uk

What about advertising my product or services?

We may, under certain circumstances, advertise your company, product or service on our blogs or main websites.

However, we are also able to post high quality articles about any subject on a range of different blogs that can promote your product or service.

Didn’t find the answer?

We tried to cover the main points that our visitors want to know about, but there may be something else that interests you in particular.

Just get in touch and we will do our best to help: Contact Us Here