Renewable Energy Sales Lead Generation

Renewable Energy Sales Lead Generation

Solar Panels Sales Leads (Residential)

Finding customers for Solar Panels, Solar PV & Solar Thermal Products has never been more competitive – Give your company the edge with “real time” Solar Panel Leads.

Renewable Energy Sales Lead Generation

Solar Panels (Solar PV) & Solar Thermal Panels are well established as way for homeowners to generate their own power, heat and at the same time reduce their energy costs.

In many instances, installing solar energy powered home improvements will represent an investment that runs into thousands of pounds for the property owner.

Clearly this will make the market competitive with many companies vying for customers, our network of Solar Panel Quotes comparison websites can bring high quality prospects direct to you.

Each prospect will have an expressed interest in receiving written quotes for a solar energy product and be fully expecting your company to carry out a site survey & provide quotes for the work.

The leads will be pre-screened to filter out timewasters & brochure hunters, leaving you with a genuine sales prospect for your product.

Why Use our Web-Generated Solar Panel leads?


Visitors to our websites have an expressed interest in the products featured, they are coming to us of their own accord and then register on the site.

‘Opting in’ is the key; the prospect is ‘hot’ & has already bought into the quotes process.


Each lead in each ‘niche’ has a defined cost to you, no extras, and no wastage. Unlike an advert where you buy space & then sit & wait to see what happens.

You know exactly how much you are paying & exactly what you are getting for your money.


All businesses have ups & downs; when you are busy, you may want to slow down or pause the lead flow. Conversely when times are slow you may need to increase it.

You can vary the levels of leads coming to you with just a phone call or e-mail.

We generate solar power related sales lead enquiries from our websites for people looking for written quotes on a selection of search types such as:

  • Solar Panels
  • Solar Panel Quotes
  • Solar Panel Prices
  • Solar Panel Installers
  • Thermal Panels
  • Thermodynamic Panels
  • Heat Pumps

Plus many more combinations of search criteria across our network.

More than 60% of all enquires we receive will be filtered out by our screening process, ensuring you get prospects with the time, the money & the intent to buy.

Want to know more?

To find out more about how we can generate high quality pre-screened home improvement sales leads for your company product or service, you can contact us here: